Who We Are

Ardent Commercial Services Offers A Level Of Service That Is Unmatched. Our Mission Is To Improve The Perception of Quality For Every Tenant, While Making Board & Management Roles Easier To Handle. We Deploy Industry-Leading Technology That Gives Our Board Members And Tenants Instant Access To Critical Account Information.

Full Service + Inspections

On-Site Staffing + 24/7 Maintenance

Accounting + Budgeting

Unmatched Service Tailored Services Proactive Management Commitment & Care Customizations

Unmatched Service

We deploy industry-leading technology that gives our boards and members instant access to critical HOA information, tools and links. Beyond that, the Ardent team is highly trained and prepared to solve any problem – big or small. We want you to have an excellent experience at all times, so we are always here to provide fast and friendly customer service.

Tailored Services

We provide professional, effective, and cost-efficient management services, all customized to your community’s needs. Our success is founded on the proven management solutions that we’ve built with expertise, insight, and leading-edge technology.

Proactive Management

Ardent is unlike any other management company in the market. We believe one management style to be most effective above any others – proactive management. That means we take steps to cut problems off before they arise, and quickly respond when the inevitable happens. We remove the exhaustion and frustration that comes from chasing your manager over issues with no response or action. A competent property manager has their finger on the pulse of the neighborhood and is ready to take action before problems get out of control.

Commitment & Care

We build our services with care to make your lives and the lives of your tenants easier – using proactive management to take care of anything else that might arise. We strive to share our industry knowledge with stakeholders at all levels, from board members to property owners. It’s our belief that education is essential to the functioning of every association – and we’re glad to provide it. When our boards are educated and versed in association management dos and don’ts, it benefits everyone, strengthening the partnership between management and the community. We work to offer a variety of training events and Webinars for the edification of everyone involved with your association.


We offer customized community portals for all of our associations. Owners can go to the community portal to view the association’s governing documents, insurance information, meeting minutes and financials, as well as submit work orders, order closing letters and disclosures, and much more!

where to find us

Ardent offers a level of experience and passion that is unrivaled. When it comes to the most important partnership needed to make your dream community become reality, Ardent Residential serves this role best. We are very proud of our experienced staff and are certain you will enjoy working with us.

Our service areas include Atlanta Georgia and the greater Atlanta MSA, Miami, Destin, and NYC.